oil on canvas
54" x 54"

I articulate the roots of abstraction that are embedded in the core of representation. Patterns repeat themselves. Not just within the individual pattern, but a pattern can take on many incarnations. These pattern relationships can be seen throughout the visible world, tying together seemingly unrelated things. The human brain is able to discern the differences between all of these repeating patterns, the waves of the ocean and the waves in the sand have the same pattern, and yet they are so easy to tell apart. Looking at the differences and the similarities that patterns contain, such as those that appear in tree roots or branches as they relate to the patterns of the internal systems of humans and the patterns sent back by the Hubble Telescope of the outer reaches of the universe, there appears a striking resemblance between all three, yet there are undeniable and huge differences. As these patterns are deciphered as to where the similarities occur and where they deviate, there is a narrow corridor where they become one, that is what I paint. This interconnectedness is the catalyst that I use to probe into ideas on the human condition.

Water is the most destructive force on our planet, but without water life would not exist. This dichotomy was placed in my path by Super storm Sandy. The patterns created by incoming and outgoing water, are the patterns of destruction. The life affirming qualities of water resounds in the ability to regenerate and grow. These patterns contain elements of each other in a symbiotic cycle.